Learn, Share, Laugh & Grow.

Your child will play and have fun every day but he or she is actually learning
lots of important things.  To ensure that daily activities are age-appropriate, we have four different programs, one for each developmental level.
​Infant Care 

(6 weeks - 14 months)

Our nursery is specially designed for

all the needs of your little one. This

bright, happy environment is

equipped with see-through cribs

to ensure that our staff

has full-view access at all times.

Music, stories and laughter fill the room inside. Outside strolls provide fresh air, trees, butterflies and sunshine. We help our babies stand and walk, feed themselves and learn about their world with a blend of fascination and imagination.


(14 months - 24 months)

When your child becomes a toddler, many rites of passage have already occurred.  Your child is now walking and feeding independently and is ready for a whole new world to explore.

We help our toddlers develop both fine and large motor skills with art projects, finger foods, dancing, climbing and plenty of outside play in our own safety-secured playground.

Playing with other toddlers and sharing are taught during group games, activities, sing-alongs and show & tell. Our “just my size” bathroom facilities make toilet-training easier for your child - and easier for you!

​Young Pre-School

(3 years old)

Being fully toilet-trained serves as a graduation to pre-school, where brand-new experiences await.

Our educationally appropriate curriculum includes learning the alphabet and numbers.  We stimulate both the imagination and manual dexterity with coloring, cutting, pasting and finger-painting. 


​Our outdoor playtime is expanded with organized games, ball sports and climbing to further master motor skills.

​Older Pre-School

(4 - 5 years old)

Our advanced curriculum was specifically designed to build your child’s writing skills and to prepare your little boy or girl for the group dynamics of kindergarten.

Structured time is set aside for work and play (and laughter!) as we introduce some of the discipline - and the fun - of school. Our children graduate ready to meet the academic, physical and social challenges of kindergarten with self-reliance and eager anticipation.